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Welcome to Alliance Auto Parts, where we take great pride in providing the best choices in used auto parts inventory and are serious about our strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our sales force combines over 100 years experience in the automotive industry. We always have an expert mechanic on hand to answer all of your auto parts questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is waiting to give you prompt service. At Alliance Auto Parts, we are working hard to be the leading supplier of used  auto parts.

Our nationwide parts locating service uses the latest technology available for fast and accurate solutions to your auto parts needs. We are proud to serve many local areas including; Long Island, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. New arrivals daily bringing top quality recycled OEM car parts to us so we can better supply your business or personal vehicle.

Call us today and we will get them out to you with our fast and reliable shipping at 40% to 60% off the list price. We offer 3-6 month standard warranty on our entire inventory.




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