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180 Day Warranty

Every part purchased from Alliance Auto Parts, Inc. will include our 180 Day Warranty coverage. This basic warranty covers the part for one hundred and eighty calendar days after the date of purchase. There is 30,000 mile commercial use mileage restriction placed on this coverage. Our 180 Day Warranty does not provide coverage for the labor paid in case of a failure. Furthermore this warranty does not cover the costs associated with a replacement part (i.e. gaskets, seals, filters, shop fees, etc.).

Warranty Includes

Extended Parts Warranty

Extended Parts Warranty

Alliance Auto Parts, Inc. offers multiple options for extended part-only warranties to all customers purchasing mechanical parts. These options extend beyond our (6) six month or (180) one hundred and eighty day standard warranty and can range from (1) one year to limited lifetime extended warranties starting after the date of purchase.  The extended warranty does not cover labor. To find out more details on what options are available please ask one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

Warranty Includes

Labor Warranty

Labor Warranty

Alliance Auto Parts, Inc. offers additional labor warranties on all our parts to customers purchasing mechanical parts. This labor warranty covers as little as $50 to as much as $1500 in labor fees associated with purchased parts within the first (6) six months from the date of purchase.  Alliance Auto Parts’ extended warranties restrict commercial use to 30k miles. Labor warranties do not cover improper installation, abuse, misuse, accident or modification.

Warranty Includes

Warranty information

ALL PARTS COME WITH A STANDARD 6 MONTH (PART ONLY) WARRANTY UNLESS EXTENDED OR LABOR WARRANTY IS PURCHASED AND STATED ON FRONT OF THE INVOICE.  Warranty does not cover purchaser’s loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the vehicle, towing expense, installation expense, commercial loss, rental cars, or other consequential damages.

Engine Warranty: Covers the cylinder block, head, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, and other internal components for the period shown on the invoice.  Excluded from this warranty are external accessories including electrical, fuel and air system components, manifolds, manifold gaskets, bels, hoses and water pump.  Changing the timing belt and rear main seal prior to installation is strongly recommended as they are not covered by the warranty.  Turbos, supercharges & Fuel systems that are included with an engine are NOT guaranteed.

Transmission Warranty: It is the responsibility of the installer to properly align torque converter, adjust position sensor cable, flush cooling lines, replace the radiator and or transmission cooler, and reset computer codes as needed.  Changing the seals, pan gaskets, and filters is strongly recommended as they are not covered by the warranty.

Accessory Items: Including tie rod ends, backing plates, ball joints, u-joints, and seals are not covered by this warranty and should be replaced as needed by the installer.

Tires: All used tires are sold as is.  These are not tested or labeled to meet any safety standard.  The purchaser of these items agrees to accept all risk relating to their use.

Warranty Balance: In the event that a part is replaced during the warranty period, the warranty for the replacement will be the balance of the time left from the original warranty and will not restart another 6-month warranty period.

This Warranty is VOID if: (1) Failure is caused by improper installation, abuse, misuse, accident or modification. (2) The vehicle is used in a fleet, taxi or commerical vehicle. (3) The installed heat tabs are melted or removed. (4) The part is installed in a vehicle outside the U.S. (5) The pre-installation procedures were not performed at the time of installation.

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